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We need to keep outdoor dining

One of the greatest developments to come out of the pandemic was the transformation of our streets into places of public gathering and community. Busy car-filled thoroughfares transformed into pedestrian plazas overnight through the Open Streets program. Restaurants were allowed to spill out onto the street, infusing the city — which had been eerily deserted […]

Boosting voter turnout in NYC’s local elections

If you are part of the 5BORO family, chances are that last week’s primary election was on your radar. But for the vast majority of New Yorkers, that may not have been the case. Or if they did know about the election, they didn’t feel compelled to vote. Just 5% of eligible voters turned out […]

Affordable housing initiatives and innovations across the nation

As rents shatter records in the city and mortgage rates remain sky high, 5BORO is taking a look at some of the newest and most innovative affordable housing initiatives taking root in cities and counties across the country. There’s no silver bullet, but these approaches may inspire new ideas for NYC and build on existing […]