Media September 14, 2023

In the News: How New York could help migrants find jobs (WNYC)

Listen to the full story on WNYC’s All Things Considered. Photo of recent migrant, Deimer Bonilla Asprilla, addressing a rally to let migrants work.



New York City continues to grapple with how to accommodate more than 100-thousand migrants who have arrived since last year.

Mayor Adams has been calling for expedited work permits from the White House, but that’s a complicated process. Now Governor Kathy Hochul and others are weighing the possibility of issuing New York-based work permits.

Grace Rauh is the executive director of the 5 Boro Institute think tank. Teresa Gonzalez is a partner at the lobbying firm Bolton Saint John’s and serves on the board of 5 Boro and the New York Immigration Coalition. They joined WNYC’s Sean Carlson to discuss an op-ed they wrote in “AM New York” earlier this week titled “It’s Time to Be Bold on Migrants,” where they call on Gov. Hochul to being issuing state work permits.